Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bill Coleman Joins 3tera Advisory Board

I think this move surprised a number of people, since Bill recently wrapped up Cassatt Corproation, getting the technology and people acquired by Computer Associates.

However, I was not surprised at all. The announcement, via 3tera Welcomes Bill Coleman:
You may or may not have seen the recent press realease.  Bill Coleman, IT/Silicon Valley luminary, Founder and CEO of BEA Systems, has joined 3Tera’s Advisory Board.

Yes, this alone is a great testimonial to what we have accomplished in our field.  Getting dignitaries such as Bill does not come easy.  But here’s the best part - this has a lot more than just marquee value and I doubt that Bill would have joined us if that was the case.  Bill, especially since his most recent stint as Founder and CEO of Cassatt Systems, is an extremely knowledgeable visionary in the area of utility and Cloud Computing; and, data center automation.

So, Bill will be extremely valuable, reviewing and tweaking both our business plans and technology as we forge ahead to maintain our lead at enabling Cloud Computing in enterprises and service providers.

Bill and I, both Founders of Cassatt, clearly share the same good taste in great technology. I've been following 3tera since 2005 and continue to be impressed with their accomplishments each year. I initially wrote about them on this blog back in 2006 in the article Amazon EC2 Killer Apps – Meet 3Tera.

I wish Bill and 3tera the best of luck as they move forward chipping away at the cloud. Bill will be an excellent addition to the 3tera Advisory Board (really, he should be on their Board of Directors, but nobody asked me...).

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