Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter + Wordpress Ultimate Integration

Here's how I integrated my Twitter status updates into my Wordpress blog. I wanted to load all of my old, archived tweets as "Weekly Digest" combined posts, but I didn't want those digests to show up on my home-page, and I didn't want those digests to show up in my RSS feed. I wanted all of the digest tweets to be accessible via the new Tweets category that I just set up.

Here's what I did:

  1. Create a new category to hold your new tweets. I created the Tweets category.

  2. Download, install and activate the Lifestream Wordpress Plugin. I pulled straight from the Subversion repository with the command (from the wp-content/plugins directory):
    svn co lifestream

  3. Add a new "Twitter" feed to the Lifestream plugin. This will get you the most recent 20 tweets, which was not what I wanted. An earlier version of the plugin could download all archived tweets, so I downgraded to version 0.99.4 with the command (from the lifestream directory):
    svn sw

  4. Re-add the Twitter feed to Lifestream, which should give you all (or, at least most) of your archived tweets.

  5. Unfortunately, Lifestream does not set up Weekly digest posts for all the existing events/tweets that it loaded. So, I had to hack on lifestream.php to do that. If there's interest in the comments, I will post my diffs here. Let me know!

  6. I ended up with 42 weekly digest posts being created. Unfortunately, they all showed up on my blog home page, as well as in the RSS feed. Not what I wanted.

  7. Download, install and activate the Ultimate Category Excluder Wordpress plugin.

  8. Configure the Category Exclusion plugin to exclude the Tweets category from the Main Page and from the Feeds.

And, that's all there is to it.

Your Main Page and Feeds stay clean, but your Tweets (and any other feed/stream that you want to include) will get archived with your blog.


  1. Twitter is very addictive. I like Twitter more than blogging. the messages are short and straight to the point.

  2. i just love Twittering compared to blogging. i was a blog addict and now i am a Twitter addict.

  3. Twitter is the newest craze today. i tweet at least 5 times a day on my friends just to keep them informed about my whereabouts. I still keep my personal blog though.


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