Friday, July 17, 2009

iPhone App Store + Ad Revenue == Developer Gold Rush

What I find most interesting about this story is that it is possible to make $2,000 a day with the most simple of simplest iPhone applications -- based ONLY on Ad revenue and a FREE application. The app shows elegant frames around a black screen that you can use as a pseudo-mirror. That's it. $2K a day! Check out the graphs on ad hits here:

Top iPhone App Developer Was Losing Out On $2000 A Day Because Of Sloppy Coding .

The iPhone App Store is an amazing gold rush for application developers. I said it before. Apple has nailed it with their App Store, and the recent additions in iPhone OS 3.0 (subscriptions and in-game purchases) confirm my belief.

Apple is taking the friction out of developing and releasing mobile applications. That's why their mobile platform is succeeding.

Can others take as much friction out?


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  1. I think that figure is way off, if the Iphone did 1.5 in its first year then that number is gonna be alot higher by 2014, you have to figure that the Mobo downloads are a pretty new thing and will just gain popularity over time.


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