Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zoto Open Sources Their Web Site Code - Maybe

image The folks over at the photo sharing site Zoto have decided to Open Source the code for their site. Kord Campbell, CEO of Zoto and currently Chief Evangelist at Splunk, makes the announcement at GeekCEO:

I'll keep this simple. I'm uploading the Zoto 3.0 source code to its new Google Code project tonight, and placing the BSD free software license on it. Version 2.0 of Zoto will follow in a couple of days (as soon as I find where we put it). We've also been working on a new site called Fotofluff, and its code is going up there as well.

This is a very cool development, and very cool of the Zoto folks to do. Hundreds of files filled with Python goodness representing a very well done photo sharing site. Nice.

However, while Kord claims that the code will be released under a BSD license, and the Google Code page specifically references the New BSD License, the About page on Google Code says:

The server and the rest of the Zoto code base is now free for non-commercial use. If you want to use Zoto's software in a commercial, for-profit environment, you can contact Kord Campbell at, to inquire about licensing options for commercial applications.

That's not exactly a BSD license.

And, when you download the code using: "svn checkout zoto-server", there is no LICENSE file included in the distribution to clarify. Interestingly, someone even filed a bug/issue against the project about this.

The BSD License would certainly allow for the greatest re-use of the existing code and is a good choice to use, depending on what Kord's goals are.

I look forward to the clarification of the license.

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