Friday, April 18, 2008

Sharpcast SugarSync Launch Statistics

image The folks at Sharpcast have taken notice of the articles that I have written recently about the online file synchronization market. They contacted me and shared some of the statistics for the SugarSync launch that happened on Mar 20. The stats were interesting, so I asked if I could share them with you all on my blog, and they agreed. Here's the quote:

Only two weeks into our launch, we have a 15% conversion rate and have already doubled our first month's expectations in trials, and we are only half-way to the end if the initial 45-day free trial period. 75% of our customers sign up for 30GB or more.  A quarter of them are on 100 GB and 250 GB plans. And the country's most influential publications and analysts by and large are showing unanimous support that SugarSync is a new standard-bearer for the category.

Sharpcast added that since the launch, SugarSync has synchronized over 75 Million files.

It's always great to get some statistics - especially straight from the company. I would love to hear more (like the breakout of mobile users, for example). Many thanks for sharing!


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