Monday, April 14, 2008

Google App Engine Ported To Amazon EC2

imageAs expected, folks are already starting to move the Google App Engine SDK over to run on top of the Amazon Web Services system. The worry over "Google Lock-In" has been a major concern for folks getting their first look at Google App Engine. I commented on exactly that point in one of the responses to my earlier post. My feeling was that the framework would be largely portable to non-Google environments. And, it looks like I was right - way earlier than I expected to be.

Yeah, it's not perfect.

Yeah, it's not as scalable.

Yeah, the user ID's are not authenticated against Google's User database.

But, all of these can be fixed in time.

After all, Chris Anderson only spent 4 days putting this first cut together. The port is called AppDrop and is Open Source.

This means that we can all just get going with bringing great applications to Google App Engine and not worry about the portability issues now, eh? I know I won't be losing any sleep...

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