Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taking A Wii


We broke down.

We got a Wii.

I’m not a big gamer. I do own a PSP, but I rarely play. I don’t own any other consoles, though my daughter did have a Playstation 2 for a while, and I spent way too many hours playing Grand Theft Auto. Oh, and I used to playDoom when it first came out on the PC. Mostly deathmatch with my co-workers at Sun Microsystems. Sun had a great (internal) multiplayer Doom system back in the mid-1990’s - it even ran on Solaris! I even had short bouts with Quake and Descent. Yeah, I’m old.

OK, so maybe I’m a bit of a gamer.

I am Male, after all.

But, I never really liked the current game controllers. The controller interface to the games is way too complicated and unnatural. Yeah, we’re back to that "old" thing…

So, my evil strategy for getting a Wii was to wait for my wife to decide that we really needed it. And, a couple of weeks back, the Sunday Best Buy ad said that each store had 15 in stock, so we pounced and got it!

And, the results are in.

The Wii is incredibly accessible to kids of all ages.

I went to Oregon to visit with my folks. They are in their 70’s. We had a blast playing golf and bowling, with an occasional tennis match thrown in. But nobody wanted to box against me. Tons of good laughs. Well worth the price.

And, since the Wii is such a small package, it was very easy to tote along with us. It’s my new, favorite, mobile gaming platform!


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