Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Google Summer of Code 2008


Now is the time to nominate projects for the Google Summer of Code 2008. In particular, what SOC projects would be great for Eclipse? Basically, anything that you would like a student to work on for 3 months in and around Eclipse toolset.

You can volunteer as a mentor to help your project through (or not). But mentoring is a very lightweight way to help facilitate the project this summer. Also, Google graciously pays for all the development cost (and supports the Open Source community).

If your project gets selected, it will be assigned the resource. Brainstorm session during the conference included such ideas as:

  • XQuery Editor
  • Custom display of classes in CDT Debugger
  • Support for J2SE Security Editors for Policy Files (integrated with OSGi model instead of Sun security model)
  • RELAX NG Compact Form Editor
  • Better code obfuscation configurator
  • Support for Maven

There is a wiki here. Edit away!

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