Sunday, March 30, 2008

Golf Quote Of The Day

My wife and I went out for a 10-mile hike today near beautiful Pacifica Beach (stopped at Rockaway Beach). We joined up with the I.N.C.H. (Intrepid Northern California Hikers) group. They do some seriously hard hikes here in the Bay Area. This one was rated a Level 2 hike (out of 5).

The hike was a loop of pieces of Sweeney Ridge Trail, Baquiano Trail, and Mori Ridge Trail

Anyway, while on Mori Ridge Trail, I made a comment about the Sharp Park Golf Course, which you can see from the trail (we had some beautiful views today - a bit too much wind for my liking, but the views were great). A delightful woman we were hiking with, who shall remain nameless, said:

I don’t think I’ll ever golf.
It’s like playing fetch with yourself.

I Loved It!

However, the way I play, it’s often more like an Easter Egg Hunt while I search for my ball in the rough.

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