Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fake Steve at EclipseCon 2008


Dan Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs, won the keynote slot at EclipseCon and, as expected, gave a very entertaining keynote address. Excellent choice. Refreshingly irreverent.

Dan takes no prisoners. Every big tech company is fair game, and he calls it like he sees it. Something that he cannot do at Forbes. The Fake Steve blog now generates a nice 1 Million pageviews per month.

Some snippets that caught my funny bone:

  • "Mainstream media is like the COBOL programmers..."
  • "I'm a Mac fan. Here with my MacBook Air, that's didn't work - that's why I love Apple. But, it's so beautiful... and only 3 pounds!"
  • Dan likens Apple to a cult rather than a product company. He says, "If the Church of Scientology made computer products, they would be Apple."
  • "You look up narcissist in the dictionary and there he (Steve Jobs) is."
  • Great photos of Uncle Ballster and Dr. Stevil (which I can't find to link to right now).
  • Lots of Sun and Jonathan Schwartz bashing (I spent 7 years at Sun Microsystems, so I could certainly relate). Such as, "There's always some new line of bullshit from Sun."
  • On IBM: "They're the worst company in the world to deal with as a reporter."

Anyway. Tune into his blog for more laughs.

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