Monday, March 17, 2008

Damnit - I'm Beholden to a(nother) Windows Application

WriterSplash So, I'm finally getting back to blogging. I had a very long hiatus. Sorry about that.

It seems that life got in the way (if you call getting married and starting up a new company "life" - I know I do).

Anyway, back to the same old blogging tools on the Mac OS X platform. Nothing really satisfied my needs. I had previously been using Qumana, and wrote some positive articles on it before. It's unchanged in the last year, and still pretty good, but it did leave me wanting more and something that felt a bit more "solid".

Best likely candidate would be MarsEdit. I love what Daniel Jalkut is doing with this application. Great stuff. But, I am one of those types that wants a WYSIWYG-like experience. I'm quite good at flinging around markup, I just don't want to have to do it while I'm writing - it's just too distracting from the task at hand. MarsEdit does have some excellent image integration, and I feel that at some point it WILL be my blogging tool of choice. I'm continuing to watch.

Last year, I tried Adobe Contribute 4, and even participated in the Adobe Contribute CS3 Beta test. While it is WYSIWYG, it's just not for me. The team made significant progress in the CS3 edition, but the tool still had lots of little problems that distracted from the writing experience and the application itself was quite the resource hog.

If you are seeing a theme here, it's all about reducing distraction; reducing friction in the writing process.

OK, so I decide that my new wife needs to blog about what we learned while planning our wedding. She's a Windows user. So, I set her up on her own Wordpress blog and find her a blogging tool to use. I chose Windows Live Writer.

And, you know what?

Windows Live Writer rocks!

Every bit of it is very well done. And, it's FREE. I do hate to say it, but you have to give Microsoft props when they get it right. Well done WLW team!

So, for now, I will be blogging with Windows Live Writer running from my VMware Fusion based version of Windows XP executing on my MacBook Pro (when on the road) or my iMac (when at home). Now, that's a mouthful.


  1. [...] started blogging again, and wrote about how I am now using Windows Live Writer as my blog editor. Problem is, that I use Mac computers [...]

  2. Brian,

    Since you wrote this, are you still enamored with Windows Live Writer? Have any of the Mac applications since improved? I'm frustrated by the lack of ease-of-use of the WordPress editor, and am looking for something more powerful, and more drag-and-drop friendly.



  3. Hi Bill,

    Nothing new to report. Windows Live Writer is still the best blog editor on the Mac. It's sad, but true.

    Rick Segal (of JLA Ventures, Canada) seems to feel the same way. Check out:



  4. I just discovered Blogo, a new Mac program for creating and editing blog posts (also works with Twitter). $25:

    It look promising. Still a bit buggy, but not bad.


  5. Brian,

    I'm checking out Blogo now. I like how it integrates with the WordPress draft capabilities. I've been playing with ScribeFire, which is a Firefox extension. Quick, immediate, splitscreen, but not as well integrated into WordPress.


  6. Brian,

    I took your advice and played with Windows Live Writer. It is much better than I expected. Simple to use, yet powerful, permitting drag-and-drop photos, text wrap, and simple integration with WordPress. Now, it's the one to beat. I'm back to using VMware Fusion on my Mac again.


  7. Hi Brian,

    We just released version 1.2 of Blogo. The new version is much more stable and includes support for the new comments API in WordPress 2.7, as well as integration with, a faster local preview and offline editing, so you might want to take a second look.


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