Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fill Tilt Time Wasting

A good friend suggested that I try

She is no longer a good friend.

Permit me to explain.

She plays a lot of Poker. Real poker, against real people, at real tables, for real money. Texas Hold 'Em mostly. She's quite good.

I play a bit of pretend poker. Fake poker, for fake money. I'm OK. But, I'm really not much of a gambler. Yeah, I'm an entrepreneur, and some people think of that profession as "gambling" but it's really not. There is luck involved, to be sure, but that's not quite the same as gambling. I do enjoy poker, however. Very entertaining.

Anyway, my friend mentioned that she'll login to Full Tilt Poker to get a quick poker fix in the morning.

I surveyed some of the available (FREE) online poker playing, but very few had support for the Apple Mac OS X system. However, Full Tilt Poker did! I had no excuse. I had to download the client and give it a try.


The application is really well done. Gameplay is very good (except when you have somebody at the table with a sketchy internet connection). The graphics and animations are nice. Sound is decent. Gameplay is pretty quick (play 70 hands per hour easily). Play with fake money. Re-fill your fake chips every 5 minutes (if you lose it that quickly, which is quite likely when you get started). Makes it very easy to try different playing strategies. It's awesome!

Now, they do have a real money side of the site as well. I watched a heads-up match where the pot was $44,700 for a single hand. Crazy. It can be entertaining to just watch. The real-money online tables play hands much faster than the real-money tables at a casino, so you can win it faster (or lose it faster). I just play the free chips and leave the real-money play to the professionals.

They have every possible poker game you can imagine - Hold 'Em, Omaha High/Low, Omaha High, Stud High/Low, Stud High, Razz, Multi-table Tournaments, and lots of events. All really well done.

Now, I wouldn't necessarily call this "Massive Multiplayer" at this stage. I've only noticed about 60,000 people playing on the site at one time (but, to be fair, I haven't really looked very often).

Bottom line: Full Tilt Poker is tons of fun. And, it's FREE. However, it just ate a week of my life. Yikes. Now, I need to exercise a little self restraint!

Do not download this application unless you, too, would like to say goodbye to a week (or more) of your life.


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