Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Photo Sharing Sites Go Unlimited

Say "Cheese"!

I've been watching the digital media sharing market pretty closely of late. In today's post, we look at a few photo sharing sites. I'm currently building a business plan about serving the user base of the major photo sharing sites. There, I've said it! And, hence, the reason for fewer and fewer posts to this blog.

What has been catching my eye is the plethora of photo sharing sites that are now starting to offer free (or nearly free) photo storage, sharing, and serving. Even for your highest-resolution pictures. Digital photography has taken the world by storm, and digital video is right behind it. These markets are growing quickly.

The Flickr Blog recently announced the new unlimited uploads being offered to Flickr Pro customers (Pro accounts cost a mere $24.95/year):
And it's even better to give the gift of Flickr since now your recipients will get unlimited uploads — the two gigabyte monthly limit is no more (yep, pro users have no limits on how many photos they can upload)! At the same time, we've upped the limit for free account members as well, from 20MB per month up to 100MB (yep, five times more)!

Flickr is a great site for photographers. I gladly pay the $25/year to subscribe. They are my preferred photo sharing site right now.

Yahoo! Photos is a 100% FREE service that allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos to the site. There are some constraints, like that you can only have 300 photos in a single "album", and the do ask you to use their photo printing service once in a while. But, they don't force you to do so.

Note that Yahoo! also owns Flickr. So, if you're looking for FREE or very cheap photo sharing, you should be looking to Yahoo!

The Kodak EasyShare Gallery is also a FREE photo sharing site that allows for unlimited, high-resolutionn photo storage. There is one catch, however. Unlike Yahoo! Photos, Kodak EasyShare Gallery does require you to use their photo printing service, else they will start deleting your precious memories. Not a big deal, really. They just ask that you make a purchase once every 12 months. Seems reasonable. And, a single 4x6 photo is currently just $0.15, so it's not going to break the bank to order a print each year. Basically FREE.

Are there other services that are FREE, or less than $36/year, which allow you to store an unlimited number of photos (or videos!) in their full and original high-resolution format?

Please add to the comments!

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  1. Snapfish "by HP" (used to be HP Cartogra--or something lie that) is fairly similar to the Kodak site (which used to be Ofoto). Personally, I use Flickr which has FAR surpassed Snapfish and Kodak. The only reason I keep accounts at the other places is that they all have slightly different printing products and sometimes I want something that only one caries (such as postcards).


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