Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Charles River Ventures Lifestyle

Exactly 7 weeks ago, I wrote about the newly launched Charles River Ventures "formalized" seed program known as QuickStart. In the article, CRV QuickStart: It's All About The Dealflow, I concluded with:
I predict a very busy holiday season for Tai, Zachary, and Wu!


Looks like I was right about that. Check out Susan Wu's calendar (posted today):

Also, be sure to take a look at Susan's most excellent blog on Venture Capital.

I'm glad to hear that I was right about the need for such a formalized seed program. And, as predicted, it looks like the CRV QuickStart team is getting increased access to Dealflow, a most excellent by-product of the program.

It would be great if the QuickStart folks shared some of the stats with us... once they get through the "very busy holiday season"! Many congratulations.

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