Saturday, November 4, 2006

Dan Primack Launches peHUB!

Matt Mashall at VentureBeat gets an early jump on the new Private Equity Hub, known as peHUB, that will be announced on Monday and run by Dan Primack of Thomson Financial.

John Furrier interviewed Dan on Here's the MP3 of the podcast, and John's write-up.

In the podcast, Dan says:
It's supposed to be kind of a public forum for the private equity community. Everyone from early stage VCs all the way up to the mega buyout folks, and kind of everybody who touches them, whether that be entrepreneurs, or attorneys, or bankers, or business school students. Yeah, it's blog-based, it's going to be myself and the editorial team here writing, and we also have a group of about 50 guest authors who will regularly be contributing to the site. And, again, it's a kind of wide range. We've got venture capitalists, we've got big buyout folks, we've got some entrepreneurs, we've got placement agents for funds, and limited partners -- it's a good group!

I've introduced you to Dan and PE Week before. peHUB will be must-read for the VC/PE community as well. Congratulations, Dan. I look forward to the conversations!

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