Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MacBreak: The Road To 1080p


MacBreak is a video podcast for the Mac crowd. Professionally done:
The only Macintosh video show you'll ever need. Mac experts Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Alex Lindsay, and Emery Wells talk about everything Mac, including hardware, software, pro apps, and tips. Shot in 1080p high def, because your Mac deserves the very best.

Alex Lindsay, Chief Architect at Pixel Corps, took care of the behind-the-scenes action:
The Pixel Corps is a guild for the next generation of craftsmen... digital craftsmen.

Alex did a great tutorial on why they filmed MacBreak in 1080p with a green screen. If you are into video, wonder about the difference between Black & White and Color TV, have never heard of "4 1 1", "4 2 2", or "4 4 4" (and wondered what your DV camcorder records in), check out this nicely done walk-through.

Download the MOV here.

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