Monday, October 30, 2006

Firefox 2.0: It’s Not You… It’s Me, Baby

I broke up with Firefox today.

"Foxy" and I had been seeing each other, exclusively, for over a year now. So, it has certainly been a long-term relationship.

At first, it was a fast-paced romance.

Lots of extensions to try, and themes to suit the mood.

Even Greasemonkey.

But lately, things have really slowed down.

Foxy took over my memory. Leaks, they call it. My poor system was forced to swap itself silly.

It seemed like Foxy didn't want me to visit other websites; see other pages; use other apps. Was it jealousy or something else?

Surfing became a drag.

Instead of play, we took to arguing over performance.

The yelling increased. We found ourselves talking about topics when we should have been talking about the issues.

The promise of a "2.0" version appeared to be the only thing holding us together.

But, the core issues remained, even with the plastic surgery.

I was as much a part of the dysfunction as Foxy.

It had to end.

I'll go on Safari now.

Sure, there may not be as much glitz and glamour.

No Greasemonkey.

But surfing is no longer a drag. I can use other apps; see other pages.

Thanks, Foxy.

It was fun while it lasted.

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