Friday, September 8, 2006

The “Ask Brian” Series

Over the last 18 months, I've been spending a lot of time giving out a lot of free advice. Now, mind you. Free advice is probably worth exactly what you paid for it. Stuff that you read about in this blog is free advice and my opinion. It will not be tailored to your particular situation or company. This forum is not the place for the deep dialog of discussion that has to happen for truly useful advice.

As an Executive Coach, Board of Advisor member, and Investor, I do give out advice that is rewarded by cash and/or equity. Contact me at if you want to have a more meaningful and prosperous relationship.

Nevertheless, I find that I get the same questions over and over. There are hundreds of generic topics and questions about Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship that I can answer in generic ways. Better to answer the questions once, here, then point people to my perspective on the topic. I'm no Dear Abby or Ann Landers. This is more like "Dear Geeky". I call it "Ask Brian". Why? Because that's my name.

Submit a question via email to me using this link.

Now, the legal stuff.

I do not guarantee an email response to all questions, or that I will answer your question on this blog, or that I will answer your question in any kind of timely fashion. My clients always come first.

Please phrase your question in a way that I can cut-and-paste it directly into my post and give yourself a cute, anonymous, tagline at the end if you like (including City/State or Country). See some of the other posts if you want an example. Questions that don't have a cute, anonymous tagline at the end will be assumed to be public and you will be granting me the right to use your name and location in my response. Include enough background information that I, and the readers, will have sufficient background on the topic to give you a reasonable response. Questions that do not give sufficient background will be too hard to answer in any useful way, so they will be put at the bottom of the queue. I reserve the right to edit your question to make it appropriate for the audience (if it is public and has your name associated with it, I will ask your permission first).

Finally, I make no claims as to the reliability of my answers, and assume no liability for actions that you take as the result of advice that you read here or in any other forum related to me. You are on your own. Good luck to you. As I said, this advice is free and comes with absolutely no warranty.

The "Ask Brian" Series is covered under the Creative Commons license described below:

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