Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nisan Gabbay: Startup Review

I had breakfast with Nisan Gabbay, Analyst at Sierra Ventures, this morning at Buck's of Woodside. We had a nice chat about the Web 2.0 markets and some exciting things that Nisan is seeing and working on (he will give you the details later, I am sure).

Nisan is the author of a blog called Startup Review:
Startup Review will feature weekly, in-depth case studies on successful Internet start-ups. The companies profiled will have achieved either: a) significant exits, b) large revenue, and/or c) strong Internet brands.

Startup Review has received good coverage from Brad Feld, Matt McCall, and Richard MacManus. I just wanted to add some link love for Nisan's effort. Keep up the good work!

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