Wednesday, August 16, 2006

LinkExperts looks to “hire” a VC investor

Looks like LinkExperts just paid $200 to place an ad on the new TechCrunch job board, CrunchBoard.

The full ad is here.

It's hilarious. They are looking for a "Chief Investor (CI)":

LinkExperts is seeking an outstanding Venture Capital or Private Equity organization to provide funding and accelerate its strategic relationships. Responsibilities would include sourcing, executing and supporting an investment in LinkExperts.

The best part:

At LinkExperts, our employees are our most valued assets. We offer a variety of competitive benefit programs that demonstrate our commitment to our dynamic workforce. As an investor, you would not be eligible for any kind of compensation or benefits.


Parts were cute and parts were a bit over-the-top. I got a laugh out of it, but they might have been better served if they had included some current stats on their business instead of the list of current benefits. I give them credit for trying to reach a target audience, but VCs care more about the business than they do about cute marketing tactics.

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