Monday, July 24, 2006

Technorati Turns Three - I’ll Take Alliteration for $300, Alex

Technorati enters the terrible threes, undergoes a major upgrade - and I (mostly) like what I see.

As a new blogger, one of the things I just did as part of getting things started was to sign up for Technorati, include it in my ping services, and include rel=tag tags in each of my (new) posts. Next, to upload a headshot to the site.

Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati announces the upgrade here. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch comments here.

It appears that I am currently ranked 750,889 on the Technorati rankings:

That's interesting, since I pretty much have no content today, and they claim to be tracking 50 million blogs. This implies to me that there are 49.25 million other blogs that are in a sadder state than mine. That would be a sorry state of affairs for the blogosphere, and if it's true, how many blogs actually matter? I'll continue to track this and let you know as I move up or down the ranks.

Back to Technorati... Dave and the team at Technorati were definitely ahead of the curve three years ago. That's usually not a good thing for a startup - you'd much rather be riding the wave. They started out servicing the burgeoning blog community and have watched that community grow to 50 million blogs. Impressive growth, but hardly a big market (yet). I love the "freshness" of searches on their site. They need to continue to innovate and improve the speed of their searches. The upgrades look to be a good step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, I just got one of these:

That's a good news/bad news story. Good news is that they are getting a ton of traffic. Bad news is that they can't handle it all. That's pretty unacceptable for a search firm, especially after announcing improvements in their infrastructure. Google has shown this to be an infinitely scalable problem.

What I like about it:

  • First to market; leader in this space

  • Tag mining using rel=tag innovative and simple

  • The did a great job with the UI in the latest relaunch - well done!

  • Particularly happy with the new "Discover" section

  • "Freshness" of the search, ordered by date of post

  • Currently ranked 248 in the Alexa Traffic Rankings

  • 50M blogs and greatly improved Alexa rankings in last 6 months

  • They appear to have the brand recognition for blog search

What I don't like about it:

  • No real lock on the blogosphere; they get pings just like anyone can get pings

  • Improved Alexa rankings may suggest more indexing and less user traffic

    • Would Technorati comment on the traffic distribution for robots vs humans?

  • Failure to complete my search!

  • It was a lot easier to tell my Mom to go to than to try to spell out t-e-c-h-n-o-r-a-t-i-.-c-o-m for her.

Technorati has done a nice job in the last 3 years. Congratulations, team!

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