Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google Maps for Mobile now has Live Traffic!!! Yow.

Pinch me. Am I awake or just dreaming? Google Maps for mobile just released a new version that includes Live Traffic. Living in the Bay Area just got a lot less painful. This is almost a poor man's version of Garmin's excellent line of FM-based and XM-based GPS devices.

Other sites that covered the story:

I recently purchased a brand new (and unlocked) Nokia E61 smartphone. I really like it and will post much more about it soon. In searching around for killer applications for it, I stumbled upon Google Maps for mobile. Even though the Google Maps for mobile download claims that it might not work on the phone, don't believe it. It works like a champ. I absolutely love this application.

What I like about it:

  • Brings high quality maps & directions to your smartphone

  • Excellent user interface

  • Does maps, directions, finds businesses

  • Extremely fast downloads of map information

  • Now overlays traffic as well

  • I love this application

What I don't like about it:

Sorry to be so over-enthusiastic about this, but the folks over at Google really did a nice job with this application and they deserve the praise.

PS: Please do not use this while you drive. Get your directions, check the traffic, then modify your route. Do not mess with this while trying to watch the road. Buy a Garmin product for your car instead.

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