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About Me

You’ve found the home of Brian Berliner - entrepreneur, investor, open source pioneer, CVS creator, and overall good guy. Some details about me (and some pictures ): The important stuff I am the proud father of a smart, talented, and beautiful daughter, Jill . Jill graduated from September School high school June, 2004, in beautiful Boulder, CO . Jill currently works in the accounting department of Imagine Nation Books and attends Front Range Community College in Longmont, CO. Professional stuff Most recently I was an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Sevin Rosen Funds , a top-tier venture capital firm in Palo Alto. I spent 10 months investigating startup opportunities, bringing in dealflow, and doing due diligence on startup companies in the following markets: Enterprise Software/Systems Open Source and Software as a Service Mobile/Wireless Services Online Gaming/Synthetic Worlds Social Networking/Web 2.0 I currently serve on the Board of Advisors of Akimbi